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Worcestershire Preparatory School

RGS Springfield private Preparatory School encourages children to deepen their love for learning with an inspiring curriculum.

The transition from Pre-Prep School to Prep School brings the children a wider skillset, with wider educational opportunities. Primary School children will move from a topic-based approach to more discrete specialist education. Lessons are lively and engaging and independent learning is promoted in order to develop enquiring minds. 

At this stage of their education, Prep School pupils begin to learn in classes according to their ability and progress. Class sizes are small, to allow teachers to give the highest level of individual support to children. Class teachers provide an excellent level of teaching for core subjects and specialist teachers are provided to teach specialist subjects, including French, Music, PE and Swimming. 

The curriculum at RGS Springfield private Preparatory School provides pupils with a solid foundation, preparing them for the next stage of their education, as well as the opportunities and demands of the modern world. This involves building on their numeracy, literacy and critical thinking skills for the best learning opportunities. 

Children will be involved in our Digital Learning Programme, which encourages them to learn with their own iPads, as well as using traditional methods. They will also visit our Forest School, where they gain hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment. 

Our pupils at RGS Springfield Primary School are equipped with high learning standards, as well as pastoral care. They are nurtured and supported throughout their time at RGS and are fully prepared academically and emotionally when it is time to move onto Senior School.