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The RGS Worcester Family of Schools

Aims and Values

The aim of the family of RGS Worcester schools is to provide an excellent all round education for children aged 2 – 18 years, supporting them in their passage to adulthood by developing character, intellect, physical and emotional well-being and cultural understanding within a supportive community.

The Schools and its staff aim to cultivate an ethos in which each pupil is cared for individually, valued equally and achieves their potential.

How do we achieve this?

The RGS Worcester Family of Schools set out to achieve these aims by:

Encouraging the growth of intellectual curiosity, creativity and a positive attitude to learning, including the preparation of each child for life through a broad, coherent and balanced curriculum, the use of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning, and educational and enrichment opportunities

Developing in every child quiet self-confidence, aspiration, responsibility, resilience, spiritual values and a personal moral code, leading to the highest standards of behaviour, consideration for others, tolerance and understanding of other cultures, awareness of British values, and pride in, and loyalty to, the School community

Offering a wide range of co-curricular activities through which children can develop their social, sporting and cultural interests, explore and enhance their leadership skills and learn the importance of working together

Providing well qualified and able staff who are highly committed to delivering excellent teaching, enabling pupils to enjoy learning and achieve to their full potential

Promoting opportunities for higher education and career options, and creating an awareness of the world beyond the School and a sense of service to the local and wider community

Pursuing positive relationships with parents through open communication and opportunities to attend School events

‘Respice et Prospice’

It is hoped that, by our Schools fulfilling these aims, our pupils will leave the RGS Worcester family as flexible, independent thinkers, who have quiet self-confidence, treat others with respect and kindness, and go on to make a very positive contribution to the community and to society as a whole.

Our motto is ‘Respice et Prospice’, an invitation to look to the future while cherishing the past. We celebrate the traditions and landmarks of the school’s remarkable history while developing a forward-thinking education which engages with the needs of children in the 21st Century.

an atmosphere in which your child has the chance to shine.

RGS Springfield School Values

Our school values at RGS Springfield Independent School are based around an excellent, well­-balanced, academic education within a supportive, caring community, encouraging your child to give and achieve their personal best

We encourage each child to develop into an independent individual with a deep respect for others, fully prepared to take the next step in the educational journey with enthusiasm and confidence.

  • A School that feels like a family 
  • Believers in small class sizes, where everyone knows everyone 
  • A school environment that is warm and caring 
  • A staff that truly cares and ensures individual attention for every pupil at every age
  • In tune with every child, attentive to strengths and weaknesses 
  • An atmosphere in which your child has the chance to shine, developing skills and confidence in many areas, including academics, music, the arts and sport 

“pupils have excellent self-awareness, are self-assured, self-effacing and value being allowed to develop as individuals.” – isi report

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