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Our academic ethos

Principles we uphold

Your child is about to embark on the biggest and most important adventure of their life.

Our Teaching and learning is inspired by our belief that every child has the chance to shine, discover their gifts and convert these into real talent.  Teachers deliver the curriculum to encourage pupils’ interest in their work, develop an ability to think and learn for themselves, and foster self-motivation. 

teaching at rgs springfield encourages effort, be that intellectual, physical or creative.

First-Class Resources

In all areas of the curriculum, teaching encourages effort, be that intellectual, physical or creative.  This enables your child to increase their understanding and develop skills in the subjects taught, personalised to their ability, to ensure they make good progress.

We use a range of first-class resources to ensure that your child is engaged in their learning.  We carry out learning both inside and outside the classroom.  This could be during trips or visits, but also in our fantastic outdoor space around our school or in our dedicated classrooms for Art, IT, Music etc.

We use both traditional and modern approaches in teaching your child.  As an Apple Distinguished School, we use technology to support their learning; even our youngest children will use iPads as a tool to develop literacy and numeracy skills.  We ensure that technology is used wisely and only where it counts, measured with a balance of traditional learning.

Specialist Teachers and Small Class Sizes

Alongside the highest level of teaching from class teachers, we provide specialists in French, Music, PE and Swimming.  This means that your child benefits from the outstanding experience of specialist knowledge from an early age.

As class sizes are small, your child will receive a high level of individual teacher support; ensuring that the more able pupils are challenged and work at a fast pace, whilst those who are struggling in a specific area are extremely well supported.

The curriculum at RGS Springfield provides your child with first-rate foundations. We prepare them for the exciting opportunities and demands of the modern world. Children of all abilities enjoy great success and their achievements are celebrated by all. Their self-esteem is nurtured.  When they leave us, they are ready both for the next stage of their education and to become valuable citizens of the future.

good manners, caring for friends and high standards of behaviour are encouraged and rewarded.

ISI Report 2022

“pupils make excellent progress at prep and senior schools, achieving increasingly strong results in external examinations.”

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