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Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome from the Headmaster

At RGS Dodderhill we ascribe to the small is mighty school of thought. 

“we see it as providing the best of both worlds”


Small means your child is known and understood by everyone else in the school. Small means no one gets lost or overlooked. Small allows your child to develop at his or her own pace. Small extends childhood, builds confidence, creates opportunity and draws out talents. Small fosters strong relationships and trust, which in turn breeds happiness and success. Small means time and attention, in the classroom and outside it. Small means knowing your child’s teachers and reading reports which sound exactly like your child. Small allows us to nip things in the bud. Small means genuine partnerships with you as parents.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that small necessitates compromise. Nothing could be further from the truth. The mindset, facilities, technology, and co-curricular opportunities at RGS Dodderhill are that of a much larger school. Standards are exceptionally high and being part of the RGS Family of four Schools allows us to share the greater resources of a larger school. We see it as providing your child with the best of both worlds: the advantages of a larger school in the more intimate environment many children need to thrive. Small but mighty.

Mr Tom Banyard, Headmaster

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