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Endless Benefits of Sport

The benefits of sport are not to be underestimated: physical and mental well-being, health and fitness, teamwork, belonging and confidence, to name just a few. That’s why your child will be taught by specialist sports teachers from Nursery onwards. 

netball, football, hockey, cricket, rounders, athletics and gymnastics and many more…

Our Sport Ethos

The focus initially is on the core skills and trying a variety of disciplines. Swimming is offered up to Year Six to ensure that this important life skill is mastered.

One of the merits of a small school is the inclusivity it brings. From Year Three, your child will be able to compete and represent the School in sports such as Netball, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics and Gymnastics. Excellent facilities and specialist coaching ensure success that belies our size.

If your child prefers recreation to competition, lunchtime activities and after school clubs are all options to stay healthy and de-stress: Fencing, Dance, Trampolining, Horse Riding, Sailing, Golf, Cross Country, Tennis, Rounders…

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