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Food at RGS Dodderhill

Our School Lunches

Even the pickiest of eaters will find something to enjoy from the lunch menu at RGS Dodderhill. 

fresh and nutritious meals supplemented with jacket potatoes, sandwiches, salad and fresh fruit.

Making Lunchtime Enjoyable

The Head Chef creates a fresh and nutritious three-week rolling menu. Hot meals are supplemented daily by jacket potatoes, sandwiches, a salad bar and fresh fruit.

Everyone eats together in the dining room. In the younger years, your child’s teacher will sit with him or her to help with cutting up, spillages and table manners. 

When your daughter reaches Year 11, the dining room becomes the location for a much-anticipated Year 11 privilege – hot chocolate and toast at break time.

Sample Menu

A typical menu here at RGS Dodderhill is:

Dodderhill Lunch Menu Idea V2

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