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School Council

About our School Council

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills from an early age.

older children mentor the younger years in multiple ways.

Giving Pupils a Voice

From as young as their Prep years, they can apply for a role on the student leadership team comprising children from across the age range. Led by the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl, this is a forum which encourages pupil voice. We are always proud of the thoughtful suggestions the student leadership team makes to improve the student experience.

Less formally, older children mentor the younger years in multiple ways. Your child might look after a younger child on the annual whole school walk during activities week; your son might work with a group of younger children in one of the Prep school curriculum days when the whole section comes off timetable for a science day, for example. Your daughter might plan and prepare a picnic for the Nursery children as part of Food Technology. Think menu planning; allergy and nutritional considerations; finding out personal preferences; preparing and serving the picnic. It’s no wonder your child will come to describe school as a second family. The sibling-style relationships between the years benefit all.

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