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RGS Dodderhill Celebrates Being Named Top School in County


RGS Dodderhill has set a high standard in academic excellence, securing its place as the top school in Worcestershire. This achievement comes as a result of the School’s recent performance in Attainment 8.

Attainment 8 is an annual measure that gauges the average academic performance of all secondary schools. It comprehensively assesses the highest scores achieved by pupils across eight government-approved school subjects.

RGS Dodderhill has excelled with an impressive Attainment 8 score of 58.8 a significant achievement when compared to the UK average of 46.2 and the Worcestershire average of 44.8 for the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

The all-girls senior school provides an environment where girls can develop and thrive in small class sizes. As one of the only girls school in Worcestershire the school focuses on getting the best out of each and every female pupil.  The small class sizes enables the school to provide a bespoke education focusing on their strength, needs and interest.

Headmaster, Mr Tom Banyard said: “We are delighted that our high academic standard has been recognised in the Attainment 8 results.   We aim to develop confident young women supporting them to achieve their full potential and this has been reflected in the Attainment 8 score this year.  We are incredibly proud of their efforts and I would like to thank our staff have academically stretched our pupils as well as supporting and guiding them to bring out the best in them”

📝✨ Pupils in Years Three to Six have embarked on a magical journey of poetry with the 'Once Upon A Dream' competition by Young Writers! They've crafted enchanting poems using literary devices including personification, similes, and onomatopoeias to depict their dreams. 🌟  Well done to Cecily, Amarah, and Katelyn for their outstanding work! Enjoy your well-deserved books from the book fair! 📚 #YoungWriters #Poetry #RGSDodderhill ✨📝
🔒Safer Internet Day 2024.
Last week we were reminded of the importance of using technology wisely and safely. 💻 Our Digital Leaders from Years Six and Ten delivered an insightful assembly to the School. They emphasised the importance of age restrictions on social media platforms and the need for balance in our digital lives. #SaferInternetDay #RGSDodderhill
🎶✨ An enchanting afternoon of music and inspiration at Symphony Hall! 🎻🌟 Pupils from Years Three to Six were captivated by the spellbinding performance of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. 🎵✨ From the melodies of Dvorák to the magical notes of John William. 🎼

The children were delighted to see the majestic double bass, exquisite harp, and the mesmerising percussion section, including timpani drums and the celeste. 🪘🎹🌠 

It was a  magical experience that left our young musicians feeling inspired to embrace their own musical journeys! 🎶🎻 

#RGSDodderhill #SymphonyHall #CityofBirminghamSO
Have a lovely Half Term break!

We look forward to you all coming back rested, and ready for the second half of Lent Term! 

#RGSDodderhill #RGSWorcesterFamilyOfSchools
🌟 It's Children's Mental Health Week! 🌟 

Let's spread awareness, support, and understanding to nurture well-being. Together, let's create a world where every child feels heard, valued, and empowered. 

#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek #MentalHealthMatters #SupportOurYouth #RGSDodderhill #RGSWorcesterFamilyOfSchools

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