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Co-curricular at RGS Dodderhill

Experiences Beyond the Classroom

One of many benefits of choosing an independent school for your child is the time that is dedicated to pursuits beyond the classroom. At RGS Dodderhill the essentials of an education are here in spades, but we also have the freedom to ensure that minds and bodies are stretched by experiences outside the classroom.

Discovering Talents and Passions

We make it our mission to expose your child to the widest spectrum of opportunities and activities. This is the time for exploring, unearthing talents and sparking the passions which will see your child through life.

Your child might be into sport, or performing arts, be a budding artist, musician, or culinary genius. We provide the environment that helps your child find and hone the thing that makes their hearts sing.

find and hone the thing that makes your child’s hearts sing.

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