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Music runs through the veins of our school. Music is heard from most corners of the whole school and is embedded within our ethos. Music is taught by subject specialists from Nursery through to Year Eleven, with the emphasis on ALL children being a part of that musical tradition.

The school has Pre-Prep, Prep, Senior and Chamber Choirs that perform in and out of school regularly; at festivals, competitions, charity events, religious services, concerts, promotional events and foreign tours. Within all of the choirs, we sing music from all cultures, to include British folk, church and pop music, African song, Gospel and Eastern Mediterranean traditional song, and Classical music.

We have instrument specialists within most instruments to include all woodwind, strings and brass, piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice, drum kit and ukelele. Pupils regularly sit ABRSM/Trinity and LCM music exams and we pride ourselves in a small percentage of Senior Girls achieving the illustrious Grade 8 before leaving at age 16.

Come and see us in action! 

Prep Recital

Senior Recital