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Pastoral Care

Our approach to Pastoral Care

We want your child to love coming to school, and that will only happen if he or she feels safe and happy. People are genuinely invested in each other at RGS Dodderhill. We work tirelessly to ensure that your child experiences the belonging and self-esteem that come from feeling known, understood, accepted and valued. Strong relationships are key to this – between staff; between pupils; between staff and pupils; and between school and home. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we agree. We build a strong support network for your child by working closely with you. 

we discuss important topics such as friendships, being healthy, staying safe and our environment.

Pre-Prep School

The mutual respect, care, and sense of community between pupils, staff and parents begins at Pre-Prep. From the earliest days of circle time with the teacher, your child will start to develop empathy and respect for other people’s feelings as we discuss important topics such as friendships, being healthy, staying safe and our environment. 

At playtime, there is plenty of green space to enjoy childhood and an enticing play area in which to let off steam. Staff are on hand to help your child hone the art of making friends and playing together. 

We believe in rewarding good behaviour, effort and excellence. The motivational power of stickers and other special rewards is not to be underestimated! Likewise, the pride you will witness as your child rushes out clutching the certificate for reaching the next milestone in the more formal credit system we operate.

Prep School

The Prep School is organised into small year group tutor groups. These allow us to get to know and care for your child in a very individual way. They are a big part of the family feel so beloved by the RGS Dodderhill community.

At this stage, the focus is on your child developing a ‘can do’ attitude in preparation for the challenges of Senior School.

developing a ‘can do’ attitude.

we place a real emphasis on creating a friendly and supportive environment.

Senior School

When your daughter joins the Senior School for girls, she will be organised into a form group and allocated a Form Tutor. The Form Tutor is responsible for her day-to-day care and is your first port of call for any issues you’d like to discuss. Form Tutors liaise with the Deputy Head, who oversees pastoral issues and care. 

Your daughter will also be part of a House system. Each of the three Houses organises regular events which develop interpersonal skills between the year groups. The teenage years can be a struggle for some, so we place a real emphasis on creating a friendly and supportive environment in which the self-confidence required for academic success can blossom. 


The ‘It’s a Feeling…’ film captures the unique feeling that parents and pupils experience when they visit the Family of Schools

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