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About RGS Dodderhill Nursery

Our Nursery in Droitwich

Our nursery here at RGS Dodderhill is tailored to the needs of our youngest pupils (from 2 years of age) in an environment where children can learn through play and adventure, both inside and outside. It is situated at the heart of our school and benefits from superb facilities and specialist teachers on site.

we provide learning opportunities tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Our Early Years Ethos

The nursery operates between 7.45 am – 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and is split into three age-banded groups:

  • The Squirrels group is for children from 2 to 3+ years
  • The Hedgehogs group is for children aged 3+ 
  • The Owls group is for our pre-school children

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, underpinned by the early learning goals. We carefully monitor the children’s progress in these areas and provide learning opportunities tailored to the individual’s needs. Much of the children’s learning is through play-based activities and adult-led focused activities.

At RGS Dodderhill, we understand that choosing a nursery for your child is one of your most important decisions. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to get that transition right.  Please come and visit us so that we can show you around our very special setting.

Nursery School Routine

The Nursery school routine is important for children as it provides them with a feeling of familiarity and structure – if they know what to expect then they will feel more confident and relaxed.

The Nursery is open from 7.45am to 6.00pm and our day includes adult-led circle times and activities, as well as constant free-flow access to our outdoor play areas and lots of child-initiated opportunities.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We plan activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which focuses on the importance of child learning through play and provides the principles for the care of children from birth to 5.

The seven main EYFS areas of learning are used to ensure that the activities provided to children are fun, engaging and specific to all abilities and needs. Staff provide a wide range of activities for children, including child-initiated and teacher-led activities that support learning and development. We work with parents to share developments at home as well as those at Nursery to ensure we carefully track every child’s development in the seven key areas of learning.

We carefully monitor every pupil’s progress against the Early Learning Goals. Parents receive regular reports and updates about progress in Nursery, and we always share the children’s achievements at home through our WOW moments. We use a daily diary for communication and also have personal feedback at the start and end of every day. We keep Learning Journals that build up into a treasured keepsake for parents over the year.

Nursery is also an important, fully integrated part of our school. All our Nursery children take part in school events such as Christmas plays, Sports Day, Mother’s Day, Harvest Festival and Activities Week.

nursery is also an important, fully integrated part of our school and all our nursery children take part in school events.

Forest School

RGS Dodderhill Forest School in Worcester and Droitwich provides children with the perfect woodland and natural environment. Children visit the Forest School every week.

all our nursery children have a nutritious hot lunch prepared by our school caterers on site.

Nursery Food and Menus

The RGS Dodderhill Nursery food and menus have been created based on current Government dietary recommendations to ensure that children receive the appropriate amount of nutrients and energy needed for growth.

All our Nursery children have a nutritious hot lunch prepared by our school caterers on site. We aim for a family service where pupils and teachers all eat together. Parents are always amazed by the wide range of food their children will eat when they are surrounded by their friends.

We use Holrhoyd Howe to prepare our food, a trusted catering company with an excellent reputation. Our school chefs know every child, and they ensure everyone has a robust lunch with all dietary requirements and allergies catered for.

Fruit, milk and water are also provided for a mid-morning snack, and if children take advantage of our wrap-around care until 6.00 pm, parents can send in a ‘Little Tea’.

Sample Lunch Menu

Week 2 Lunch Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup and homemade bread Minted pea Tomato and basil Broccoli Leek and potato Vegetable
Main course Turkey or vegetable chow mein with sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, chilli flakes, siracha sauce, sesame seeds Roast chicken leg


Caramelised onion and sausage roll
Lamb chilli con carne


5 bean chilli

With giant nachos, crispy jalapenos and cheese sauce
Smoked bacon, ham and mozzarella pasta bake Battered fish, tartare sauce, lemon wedges

Beef burger, pickle, lettuce and mustard
Vegetarian Vegan yeung chow friend rice Mixed vegetable and lentil wellington Smokey roasted Mediterranean vegetable and tomato gnocchi Spinach, filo and feta pie
On the side Chinese spice greens
Prawn crackers
Roasted new potatoes
Savoy cabbage
Root vegetables
Coriander rice
Toasted corn
Garlic bread
Dressed salad
Green beans
Baked beans
Garden peas
Jacket potato Baked beans Baked beans Baked beans Baked beans Baked beans
Hot dessert Coconut rice pudding with mango coulis Plum and baked apple oat crumble with custard Ginger cake Hot chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce Superseeded flapjack
Cold dessert Strawberry jelly Mango mess Vegan raspberry mousse Orange jelly or yoghurt pots Vegan brownie
Cut fruit Pineapple and black gape Watermelon and plum Melon and kiwi Orange Mixed fruit pots

Moving to Reception Class

In September before they turn 5, children will be moving to Reception class from the Nursery. Here at RGS Dodderhill Nursery, we ensure that each child’s transition to Reception is as easy as possible, whether they are staying with us in the school or moving on elsewhere.

Your Child’s Key Person will have completed an Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which is passed on to their teacher to support them with each child’s needs.

we ensure that each child’s transition to reception is as easy as possible.

Reception Daily Routine

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