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Nursery and Pre-school at RGS

When children attend a Nursery and/or Pre-School, the benefits to them are important for their future. The confidence they will achieve at one of the best nurseries in Worcester will ensure they are ready to start school and be ready to mix with other children in a more sociable way. As a parent, it will help you, as you will confidently know your little one is being looked after, allowing time for you to work, or have quality time for yourself. It will make the transition easier for when your child does start school as they will be used to being apart from you for a space of time. 

you are invited to visit on a school day or on an open morning.

Come and Visit

The nurseries at RGS are available to children from the age of 2 years and continue until school age. You may decide to keep your child at one of our schools or move them to an alternative, and whatever you decide, we will make this as seamless as possible.

RGS The Grange, RGS Springfield and RGS Dodderhill each have a Nursery and Pre-School setting, and you are invited to visit on a school day or on an Open Morning. It is important you visit the setting to find out which one is right for you and your family and to choose amongst the best nurseries in Worcester and Worcestershire. You will get the opportunity to meet the staff, see the children in their nursery environment and make up your own mind as to what you believe is the right place for your child.

Learning Environments

As the Nursery and Pre-school are located within a working school, the children have the benefits of utilising some of the facilities. Each of our schools are set in open, green and secure spaces allowing for children to play safely outside.  

Each school has a Forest School for active bug-hunting, sitting around a safe campfire, or purely exploring and having supervised fun with friends. The joy of jumping in squelchy mud, playing on rope swings, and making daisy chains for the children is all part of finding out about themselves and the world they live in.

The outdoor play area is another space for the children to learn and use some of their energy. They can role-play, ‘drive’ in the cars, climb and swing on the play equipment, and experience sand and water play, all of which keep their minds and bodies active.

Music and Sport are an important part of any child’s life, and at RGS, we acknowledge this. The Nursery and Pre-School children have music lessons whereby as a group, they can sing, play with instruments and enjoy the beats of music. PE and movement is the time when the children can be more coordinated and focused on their movements. Being part of the annual Sports Day build-up is always great fun, and their enjoyment is clear to see on their smiling faces – everyone’s a winner, and it is okay to make mistakes.

our nursery and prep-school children have the benefits of utilising some of the prep school facilities.


The RGS Worcester Family of Schools is delighted to announce that we have been recognised by Day Nurseries as one of the Top 20 Nursery Groups in the UK.

setting children up for their next adventure of learning when they go to school.

The RGS Journey

The aim of each of our nurseries and pre-schools is to provide each child with a safe and secure environment in which to play, learn, have fun and make friends, which will set them up for their next adventure of learning when they go to school. We at RGS class this as the ‘journey’, and we look forward to helping you and your child enjoy the journey through education and working together to make each child able to try their best and not be afraid to make mistakes, and learn!

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