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Admissions and Fees

Nursery Admissions

Nursery admissions in Worcestershire happen throughout the year so children can join RGS the Grange Nursery at any point. We would be delighted to arrange an appointment for you to visit the Nursery or alternatively, you can attend one of our regular Open Days where you can learn more about life at RGS The Grange Nursery.


At RGS The Grange Nursery, our expert staff fully support both children and their families throughout starting Nursery and the settling in process. Before starting Nursery, staff will arrange a home visit where they can meet you and your child, answer any questions you have and find out more information that will help them in identifying and meeting your child’s needs. To help with the settling in process, children and parents are also invited to free taster sessions where they can experience life at the Nursery and meet with other children and staff. 

After the initial visit, children may be invited to a familiarisation session at the Nursery depending on their age. For younger children that may take longer to settle into life at Nursery, staff can arrange for multiple familiarisation sessions in order to help them feel comfortable at the Nursery. Once the child has settled into life at the Nursery, we will write to formally offer a place.


We are much more competitive than you might think!

Our average daily fee is between £49 – £55 per day.  This is fully inclusive of full wrap around care from 7.45am-6.00pm, hot home-cooked lunches, a huge range of activities and outstanding care for your child.

In addition, we offer 15 and 30 hours funded places (30 hours funding from September 2021) and are signed up to the Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

Please do contact us or arrange a visit to find out more!