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About RGS Springfield Nursery

Safe, Fun and Welcoming

The RGS Springfield Nursery provides a safe, fun and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow. 

light and spacious classrooms, secure outside play area and specialist teachers and early years experts.

Fantastic Nursery Facilities

Our indoor facilities include light and spacious classrooms fully equipped with interactive whiteboards and iPads. All equipment is child-height and labelled to encourage independence by choosing, playing, and tidying away games and activities.

Our secure outside play area has plenty of choices for fun and learning with playhouses, ride-on toys, sports equipment, a mud kitchen and more!

Our specialist teachers and Early Years experts support children in their learning and development so that they grow to become confident and independent learners ready for the transition to Reception, Dragonflies.

Nursery School Routine

The Nursery school routine is a source of learning that has many benefits for health, learning and overall development. Providing children with feelings of safety, structure and control, our structured Nursery routine helps children develop familiarity and trust in order to feel safe and calm in the Nursery setting.

Term-time Hours

Full-day children arrive between 7.45 am to 8.40 am and leave at 3.30 pm.
Morning session children arrive between 7.45 am to 8.40 am and leave at 1.00 pm.
Nursery children are welcome to attend Before School (7.45 am to 8.30 am) and After School Clubs (3.30 pm to 6 pm), and Holiday Clubs are available for those on term-time sessions.

Early Years Foundation Stage

All of our Nursery activities are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, which emphasises the importance of child learning through play and provides the standards, commitments and principles for the learning and care of children from birth to age 5.

The seven main EYFS areas of learning are used to help form weekly planning and to ensure that the activities provided to children are fun, engaging and specific to all abilities and needs. Staff provide a wide range of activities for children, including child-initiated and teacher-led activities that support learning and development.

As part of the RGS Springfield Nursery curriculum, we offer Music, French and PE lessons to our children as standard. Children can also enjoy extra paid activities, such as Baby Ballet, that are taught by subject specialist teachers.

as part of the rgs springfield nursery curriculum, we offer music, french and pe lessons to our children as standard.

the perfect woodland and natural environment with hands-on learning opportunities for holistic development.

Forest School

RGS Springfield Nursery Forest School in Worcester provides children with the perfect woodland and natural environment with hands-on learning opportunities for holistic development. The Forest School hosts regular lessons and activities that support play, exploration, and personal, social and technical skills. Children are taught about the importance of nature and build empathy with the world around them. Child-centred learning activities encourage children to take supported risks to develop confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

RGS Springfield Nursery’s beautiful grounds surround our fantastic Forest School area. Complete with its own mud kitchen, digging pit, willow bothy and log piles and trees, children can explore and learn through hands-on experiences supported by specialist Forest School teachers that are passionate about the outdoors and nature. There is a sense of freedom that children feel outside exploring Forest School. That moment of excitement and endless possibilities, with stories of make-believe and woodland creatures, we aim to capture the imagination of the children to make anything.

Each year we celebrate Forest School Day, where the whole school takes part in activities such as wood whittling, storytelling, cooking on the campfire and more! It is a wonderful occasion that encourages all children and staff to get outdoors and appreciate time outside learning and connecting with nature.

Nursery Food and Menus

We are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful, dedicated catering team on-site at RGS Springfield, who prepare fresh, delicious and nutritious food every day for our nursery children,

Our Nursery menus offer a wide range of healthy food and drinks to provide options to suit all dietary requirements and tastes whilst also educating children on the importance of healthy eating. We have vast experience in dealing with all types of allergies and dietary needs.

We understand the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet and the positive effects that this can have on learning and behaviour, and we provide children with the knowledge they need to continue making healthy choices in later life.

We have a rolling menu that rotates on a three week cycle – Please see a typical week below.

a wide range of healthy food and drinks to provide options to suit all dietary requirements and tastes whilst educating children on the importance of healthy eating.

Sample Lunch Menu

Week 1 Lunch Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup and homemade bread Carrot and coriander Leek and potato Tomato and basil Sweetcorn chowder Mushroom
Main course Pork sausages Chicken curry Beef bolognese Honey roast gammon Cod fish fingers
Vegetarian Quorn sausage Lentil dahl Tomato, mozzarella and basic gnocchi Breaded Quorn fillet Pea and feta bruschetta
On the side Mashed potato
Garden peas
Naan bread
Roast potatoes
Tartare sauce
Light bite Jacket and beans
Hot dessert Apple crumble with custard Lemon drizzle Syrup sponge and custard Cheese and biscuits Chocolate crispy cake
Cut fruit Fresh fruit and yoghurt Fresh fruit and yoghurt Fresh fruit and yoghurt Fresh fruit and yoghurt Fresh fruit and yoghurt

Moving to Reception Class (Dragonflies)

Moving to Reception class from Nursery is a big step for children and parents! Here at RGS Springfield Nursery, we ensure that each child’s transition to Reception is a positive experience.

RGS Springfield Nursery staff will prepare the children by working closely with the Reception staff to organise regular events and visits to one another so that the children feel comfortable with the school, staff and daily routines to help make the transition and moving to Reception class easy and smooth.

Dragonflies Daily Routine

Reception Classroom

The Dragonflies classroom is the perfect, bright and welcoming environment where children aged 4 to 5 take part in engaging activities that help them build confidence to explore more structured learning.

In the Reception classroom, you will find children who are happy, excited and motivated to learn through rich and challenging learning experiences. With a maximum of 16 children in each class, staff go above and beyond to nurture and support each child’s development.

Children have opportunities to learn in all areas of the curriculum with a particular focus on phonics and number. Staff encourage children to become more actively involved in their learning through problem-solving and investigation. Children work independently and with peers to develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Children learn to further develop communication skills through social interactions and enjoy reciprocal relationships with teaching staff and peers. They have opportunities to explore and take risks, whether that is within the classroom or outside. We are passionate and believe that any learning which takes place inside the classroom can also be replicated and extended in the outdoors.

Reception children are able to access and explore our multiple secure outdoor areas and their wide variety of stimuli throughout the day. Children also enjoy weekly Forest School sessions, and swimming lessons take place on a Thursday morning. Learning is also enhanced by regular school trips to places such as to the local farm shop, museums and more. Children can take part in a wide range of after school clubs, including ballet, music and singing.

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