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Baby groups in Worcester

There are many benefits of joining parent and baby groups for both parent and child. To begin with, you get the opportunity for some quality time away from home, where, in all probability there is always something to do and distract you. You can experience messy activities you would possibly not wish to do in your own home, and you can enjoy a variety of different toys you do not have. Spending time with your child in this way will give plenty of opportunity for positive interaction and new experiences together,  which is important in building a child’s confidence and self worth.

Parent and baby groups here at RGS

What better way to also allow your child to experiment with independence in a safe environment of a parent and baby group. Young children will confidently move away from their parent to play when they are ready, knowing you are staying with them, which makes them feel safe. For the first few sessions, you may find your child does not venture too far from you  but will soon realise it is okay to talk to other parents and also play with other children. There are also the added benefits in that children are given the opportunities to start to socialise, learn to share and make friendships.

The benefits therefore are not just for the children, but for the parents too. It is a huge adjustment leaving work and staying at home with your child and many parents can feel scared, isolated, unsupported or just in need of a good chat. Joining a parent and baby group can help overcome these feelings, seeing a welcoming face after a tough night, someone to discuss and compare notes with or just having a moan from time to time should not be underestimated. If a parent is contented and happy this manifests itself to the child, who will pick-up on the feeling too.

If you have recently moved house or you need to meet new people with children of a similar age then local parent and baby groups are a great place to start.

Parent and baby groups here at RGS are a great start to joining our family and community. With an offering four out of five days a week, you are welcome to come along from 9.30 am until 11.00 am and make new friends. Read more about our Toddler groups in Worcester and the activities they include.

Mondays are when Acorns Toddler Group at RGS The Grange meet. The School is set within 50 acres on the outskirts of Worcester in the Fernhill Heath and Claines area and with plenty of on-site car parking available, you are then welcomed into the School. Initially, there is a play area set up for parents and children to get to know one another and enjoy playing, before refreshments are served mid-morning, allowing for a much-needed break. There are regular music sessions, forest school play, as well as themed party mornings. 

Tuesday is the turn of our Ducklings Toddler Group held at RGS Dodderhill in Droitwich Spa. The group is newly formed due to the addition of a nursery and again, you are warmly invited to attend and meet with us, and other families.  Car parking is available onsite allowing you to easily transport your little one for a morning of activities. 

Thursdays are when Sparkles Toddler Group at RGS Springfield meet. This hidden gem of a school is known as our ‘Secret in the Square’ being located in the Worcester city centre location of Britannia Square. There is car parking available and you will be warmly welcomed into the school to meet with other parents and children, for a morning of fun.

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