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Nursery School Routine

Beneficial for health, learning and overall development nursery school routines are at the core of all our nurseries here at RGS. These routines have many benefits, not the least of which is that they promote feelings of safety, structure and an element of control.

Why is routine important in nursery schools?

For babies and young children, routines are a vital part of the day, whether they are within the home or in a nursery setting. These routines can be a source of learning which is just as important as their play exploration. Examples of routines can be:

  • Personal physical care required for toddlers or young children who are unable to take care of themselves, such as changing, cleaning, dressing and feeding.
  • Daily routines of care and support, such as arrival and leaving, meals or snacks, quiet time or sleep periods, and regular activities within the day, such as tidying up or outdoor play.
  • Daily and weekly routines of regular events in a home or nursery such as the arrival of the post, taking care of pets, extracurricular activities, bath and bedtime routine, television programmes or outings planned for a regular day of the week.

A structured routine for toddlers and young children helps them to feel calm and secure in their home or nursery environment. Young children can easily get overwhelmed when they are faced with something unexpected or out of the ordinary in their little worlds, so consistent routines help to form familiarity and trust, and enable the child to anticipate what is going to happen next.

It is important for children to know that they are able to achieve things independently. Albert Bandura described this as ‘self-efficacy’ but then, he’s a psychologist. We understand that you need to give children the opportunity to achieve things themselves, get an expected outcome and be praised for it consistently to help develop confidence and the reassurance that they have some level of control over their world. The daily routines within our nurseries encourage children to explore their environments and give them the freedom to make choices within the safe and secure environment of the setting.

Routine in relationships

With hands-on care, activities and one-to-one moments throughout the day, your child will develop a deep bond with their Key Person, which will help the child to feel secure. While Key Person relationships are central to a child’s nursery experience, children may also make connections with others, whether that be other members of staff or other children within the setting.

Our nurseries are not just physical spaces, they provide a secure atmosphere through warm and caring relationships, where children are valued and respected, with their well-being coming before anything else. Children are listened to and nurtured in a way that helps them to thrive socially and emotionally within the nursery setting.

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