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Pre-Prep Pastoral Care

At RGS Dodderhill, we have a strong sense of community where children, teachers and parents are respectful and supportive of each other. In Pre-Prep, we teach pupils to become resilient and caring. Through age-appropriate language and activities, we teach team building and empathy.

The class teacher plays a key role in the pastoral care of the children in their class. The teacher can also draw on the support of specialist teachers from the wider school.

Circle Time provides children with opportunities to feel safe and they develop respect for other people’s feelings as we discuss different aspects, including friendships, being healthy, staying safe and our environment


We help the children learn how to make friends and play together. All staff monitor playtimes. We have a wonderful playground area with different games for the children to enjoy.


We believe in rewarding good behaviour. Rewards take the form of credits that pupils strive toward achieving; bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond certificates and badges that they wear with pride. Teachers also use stickers and other special rewards for good behaviour and excellence.