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Teaching and Learning

All children from aged two to eleven are encouraged to be very investigative in their approach to learning, to have no fear of taking a risk or making a mistake. We encourage all pupils to give their best, be mindful of each other, encouraging British values of mutual respect and tolerance.

We follow a thematic curriculum, wherein different areas link closely to one another. This approach to learning makes the subject matter more relevant to children; it heightens their awareness of the world around them and encourages further independent exploration.
We use a range of resources to ensure children are engaged in their learning, using both traditional and modern approaches to get the best from each individual.
 All children use a range of technology to support their learning; it is not unusual for even our youngest children to be using iPads to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.

Alongside the highest level of teaching from class teachers, we provide specialists in French, Music, PE and swimming. As class sizes are small, children receive a high level of individual teacher support; this ensures that our more able pupils are challenged and work at a fast pace, whilst those who are struggling in a specific area are extremely well supported. These teaching and learning opportunities ensure that all children have the necessary literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills to enable them to access a wide and varied curriculum.

The curriculum on offer in Springfield provides children with the very best of foundations. We prepare them for the exciting opportunities and demands of the modern world. Children of all abilities enjoy great success and their achievements are celebrated by all. Their self ­esteem is nurtured and when they leave us they are ready both for the next stage of their education and to become valuable citizens of the future.

Laying the foundations of future success. Reception to Year Two:

From Reception to Year Two, the children’s learning and confidence grows in leaps and bounds. We nurture every child as an individual to ensure they have the foundations of an excellent education to help them to move forward to their next steps seamlessly, without any gaps in their learning.
We help children to understand that we all have different strengths and that it is important to celebrate the success of others as well as our own. They are taught to take risks, show resilience and to be resourceful when faced with independent tasks.

Our class sizes are small – between 12 and 18 pupils.
 Children are taught a broad and stimulating thematic curriculum by their form teacher, and by specialist teachers in subjects such as Music, Swimming, PE and Games and French.

Preparing for the future – Years Three to Six:

In Years Three to Six our children are encouraged to deepen their love for learning within lively, engaging lessons through our inspirational curriculum. Teachers promote independent learning to develop enquiring minds that are resilient and resourceful and pupils take pride not only in their final achievements but in the processes and experiences that take them there. Our Digital Learning Programme is seamlessly embedded in our curriculum, iPads engage pupils and provide another tool for learning alongside more traditional elements such as handwriting. Years Five and Six bring their own iPads to school while Years Three and Four have access to class sets of iPads to support and aid learning.

We are always happy to welcome prospective parents and pupils. If you would like to book a visit please fill in the form below. If you would prefer to visit us on an open day, you will find more information here.

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We believe that a happy child is given the opportunity to reach their potential and the highest level of pastoral care underpins everything we do in order to ensure that the children are nurtured, supported and understood as individuals. When it is time to move on to Senior School, the children are very well prepared to take the next step in their educational journey, both emotionally and academically.

Good manners, caring for friends and high standards of behaviour are encouraged and rewarded.