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Nursery Admissions in Worcestershire

Our family of nurseries make nursery admissions in Worcestershire easy for parents as we have three nurseries to choose from across the area. Our admissions process is designed to help you find out which of our nurseries is the right place for your child – somewhere where they can thrive both personally and academically.

Find out how to apply to each of our family of nurseries on their specific pages linked below:

RGS Springfield Nursery

RGS The Grange Nursery

RGS Dodderhill Nursery

Should I send my child to nursery?

Sending your child to a nursery is a big decision – but a nursery really is an excellent choice. Children reach nursery age by the age of 2-3, at which point most parents notice that their child is gaining independence and is ready to spread their wings just a little. Introducing them to a nursery at this stage is a great way to help them thrive.

Some of the benefits of sending your child to one of our nursery schools include:

  • Small class sizes so that they can benefit from the focused attention of our excellent teachers
  • Gaining confidence
  • Making new friends and developing their social skills
  • Preparing them for school
  • Specially created nursery menus to ensure that healthy eating habits are instilled in children from a young age 
  • Access to Forest Schools where children are encouraged to take supported risks and engage in activities such as cutting and chopping wood, den making, transitional art, looking for signs of nature, woodwork

When to apply for nursery?

Nursery school admissions happen throughout the year, so pupils are welcome to join our RGS nurseries at any point, giving you the flexibility to choose when you think your child is ready.

How does the admissions process work?

If you think that one of our nurseries is the right place for your child then we would love to welcome you. The next step is a visit so that you can meet our teachers and pupils, explore our classrooms and grounds and get a feel for whether we are the right school for your family. The admissions process works as follows:

  1. Visit one of our nurseries – either at an open morning or an individual visit
  2. Register your interest by completing a registration form (these can be found on the individual nursery websites – linked to below)
  3. We will arrange for your child to attend a Taster Day during which time they will be assessed
  4. A reference from your child’s current school (if applicable) will be applied for
  5. An offer will be made
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