Why have a Foundation?

The Foundation is a separate entity that exists to further the education of pupils at the School. The School will remain a charity in its own right and will focus on its core purpose of educating children. The major benefit of establishing a separate charity with a single focus, is that it ensures clarity of purpose and heightened transparency of operation so donors can easily follow the funds raised and disbursed.

Trustees are required to oversee the new charity and this offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together a body of diverse individuals with a range of experience and knowledge to serve the School through the Foundation.

What is the Foundation?

The Foundation is a registered charity (no. 1170217) that has been specifically created to facilitate fundraising for the benefit of the School and its pupils. It approaches this objective with a long-term perspective to enable a structured and sustainable approach to supporting RGS Worcester, and will become deeply embedded within the School community over the coming years.

The Foundation Trustees provide oversight and governance of the work undertaken by the Foundation Office, a department of the School, on behalf of the charity. The Foundation Office and is run by Scott MacDonald and Joanna Weaver.

The Foundation’s fundraising activities are aligned to meeting the needs of RGS Worcester and its beneficiaries are formally restricted to only the School and its pupils. To complement this fundraising work the Foundation Office also leads all alumni engagement for the School.

The Trustees look forward to meeting many pupils, parents, staff and alumni at School events and alumni gatherings.

How does the Foundation operate?

The Foundation Office is responsible for the following: organising alumni social events; producing annual reviews to keep the alumni community apprised of news from former pupils and the School; leading fundraising initiatives; reporting on funds raised and how they are allocated within the School; promoting and adding to the School’s archives; seeking alumni support and expertise for the School’s Careers Department; responding to alumni queries; welcoming former pupils, ex-staff and past parents back to the School.

Scott and Jo are based on the top floor of Britannia House next to the Archives room. The Foundation Office running costs are financed from within the School’s operating budget meaning that 100% of all donations to the Foundation are used exclusively for the purpose expressed by each donor in supporting the School.

The Foundation publishes its own set of annual accounts to ensure donors can see what funds are raised and how this support is benefiting School and its pupils.