Supporters may wish to assist the School in areas other than bursaries and capital projects for personal reasons.

Hardship Funding: In recent years some donors have made financial donations towards hardship funding – this enables the School to offer short term emergency support to families of pupils who may experience sudden and unexpected difficulties such as bereavement or job loss. A hardship award can be the difference required to cover fees in the short term while the family adjusts to whatever difficulty it has encountered. By their very nature such events are hard to plan for but sadly each year situations do arise where the School wishes to assist but may not be able to do so without voluntary donations.

Gifts for Departments: the Music Department, the History Department, the Art Department, the Sports Department, the Library, the CCF and the School Archives have all benefited from the donations made by alumni since 2012. Monetary gifts have been received along with books and artefacts and all are gratefully received. Anyone contemplating making a specific gift is requested to contact the Foundation Office to ensure their wishes can be fulfilled.

Naming Buildings and Facilities: There are opportunities to name as yet undedicated buildings and facilities within the School. Naming a building would represent a significant long-term endorsement between the donor and the School. Should you wish to explore this opportunity then please contact Scott MacDonald in the Foundation Office.