Making a legacy gift to support the School and its pupils is an incredibly personal statement that reinforces what the School has meant to an individual. 

It could be the lifelong friendships that were forged during formative years spent at either AOS or RGSW, it may be the camaraderie shared on the sports fields, or the exhilaration of performing together with fellow actors, musicians and singers. 

It may be the recognition of the role that specific teachers played in sparking a lifelong passion for a subject and encouraging their pupils to explore it further, it may be the guidance given when considering future education or career choices, and it could have been the listening ear that provided wise counsel.

It may be when considering how in life after school, you have created your personal and professional successes, as well as how you have handled disappointments and challenges, that you can attribute some of that to your education and time spent at the School.

There are many reasons why alumni have already chosen to remember the School through a legacy gift in their Will. If you would like others to share the opportunity that helped to shape or even transform your life then you may wish to make a provision in your Will. Legacy gifts can support bursaries, capital projects, individual departments across all three RGSW schools and specific gifts such as musical instruments of scientific equipment. The wishes of each donor will always be honoured.

Every legacy donation made to the Foundation will be received by the Trustees. They will inform the School and transfer it only for the use specified by the donor. If you would like to know more about making a legacy gift and/or would like to discuss the options without obligation, please contact Scott in the Foundation Office. 

If you prefer not to notify the Foundation of your intention to make a gift then please accept our sincere thanks at this time. There are several pieces of information that your solicitor will require in order to the ensure the gift is accurately allocated to your chosen beneficiary:

Your gift for the School should be made through the Foundation and its full legal name is The RGSW and AOS Foundation. It is a registered charity (no. 1170217) and its registered office address is: The Foundation Office, RGS Worcester, Upper Tything, Worcester WR1 1HP.

If your solicitor wishes to identify The Royal Grammar School Worcester as the beneficiary it shares the same registered address as the Foundation, and is a registered charity (no. 1120644) – there are six other unconnected RGS schools in England so it is helpful to include its full name.