Year Eight Pupils Take On The Dragons

On 24 May, seven Dragons descended on RGS primed and ready to grill Year Eight. The morning started with a reveal of the task ahead for all of the pupils. They had been divided up into groups of 16 and all met in Main Hall ready for a productive day. They were to come up with a new cereal.

This involved not only what type of cereal it would be but also how it could become a brand, stand out from the crowd and become a market leader. The groups needed to first think about who their target audience was and then use this as a basis when designing their new cereal, packaging and advert.

Main Hall was a hive of activity as CEOs were chosen and tasks were delegated to different pupils. The art rooms were raided and production began. Throughout the morning the Dragons acted as advisors, steering the groups in the right direction by questioning decisions and advising on real market pressures. As they were successful business people themselves, their expertise was invaluable and the pupils certainly valued the opinions they gave. 

Four hours flew by and then it was time for the pitches. The groups organised themselves in the Lecture Theatre and the friendly advisors turned into Dragons! Each group were given a strict ten minute time slot to sell the idea of their cereal and explain why it would be the best one to back. They were then questioned by the Dragons and scored on their pitch. It was tremendous to see the creativity and result of their hard work, all of which was very impressive. We saw cereals with space themes – Pop Stars, Shoot for the Stars, to ones that backed Save the Panda campaign with a chance to win a trip to China. But the overall winners were Honey Stacks, whose simple yet effective design immediately caught the Dragons’ eye. Their presentation was imaginative and professional and they were clear winners.

A big thank you must go to our Dragons: Clare John, Pippa Dressler Pearson, Andrew Pollard, Penny Unwin, Keith Osola, Sam Turner, Emma Wilkinson and Duncan Sutcliffe (a former RGS Pupil) without whom the day would not have been so successful. They gave up their time and the pupils gained so much from their expertise, allowing them to gain a little more insight into the world of business. 

The Year Eight pupils enjoyed the experience and appreciated this opportunity to be entrepreneurs for a day.

Written by Mrs Deborah Harkness, Head of Year Eight.