The Mock Election of a Generation

This week has seen the launch of each party’s manifesto in The Humanities Faculty Mock Elections, due to be held on 6 May.  You can read all the manifestos here
Over the next three weeks we will be meeting the candidates; this week is the turn of the Liberal Democrat and Independent candidates.
Josh Warner is the Liberal Democrat Candidate and Anand Patel, the Independent Party Candidate.  They have both put together impressive manifestos and explain why they are running in this exciting race.
Anand speaks from personal conviction and wants to become a leader that others can admire, he says, ‘I would like to be put in charge of the country because the nation needs someone who is decisive and can take risks. I am that person.’  His main concern is about Defence and in particular the situation in the Middle East.
Josh has done a considerable amount of research on his party and admires Nick Clegg’s honesty, particularly during the TV debate last week. Reducing the deficit is the biggest issue for Josh and he is pleased to be involved in the mock election which he believes will help young people who are not yet able to vote, to get involved and learn more about politics.
RGS Worcester will be hosting the second round of the live debate between the six parliamentary candidates on Monday 27 April at 4.30pm.  We would be delighted to welcome you to the debate if you wish to come; please email