The Longest Day of Golf Challenge

RGS Upper Sixth students Johnny Cotterell, Will Reading, Ben Selby and Ben Hawkes are a double grip golf team known as ‘The Loves’. They have decided to take on the challenge to complete 72 holes in 24 hours at Gaudet Luce Golf Club on 14 August to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

When asked why they wanted to do such an event, the boys said:

“As a group, we love playing golf, so we have decided to give back to the community by doing something we love. The four of us enjoy a challenge and the stamina and patience needed to keep playing four rounds of golf for that length of time will be a real challenge! The Macmillan Cancer Support charity is such a great foundation in regards to everything they do and provide for people with cancer. We would be very grateful for any donations and/or sponsorships you can give, which you can do via our Justgiving page.”

You can find out more about the challenge here.