Team Superformance at Rockingham International Finals

The finals day had finally arrived. Team Superformance had done brilliantly to qualify for the invitation only International Finals from their previous races earlier in the season. The team comprised of Max Houchin, Daniel Hall, Thomas Ehlers, Thomas Hislop, Katherine Cryzo, Jack Pitt, Madeline Holt, Grace Reed, Freya Simpson and Evie Holt.

Unfortunately, as is the case with all the races, they involve a very early leave time from RGSW. The minibus was very quiet on the journey down with most fast asleep – conserving their energy for the long and tough day ahead.

After a practice session, the first race began with Jack driving first. To put the driving element into some context, this involved driving with 65 other cars at speeds of around 30mph, about 50mm from the ground, in cars that have been built by students and with few drivers using their mirrors! Needless to say, it isn’t for the faint hearted! From a grid position of 30th, the team slowly but surely began to progress through the field. Rules stipulate that there has to be a minimum of three driver changes per team in a 90-minute race, with the winner covering the furthest distance using two 12V batteries.

As the race continued to progress, the team continued to reel in the next car, and the next, and the next….. Grace soon took to the steering wheel driving a brilliant line. Madeline was last in, after some very slick pit stops demonstrating great teamwork, with all teams’ batteries now starting to fade. The last laps are almost a case of willing the car on, which Madeline did superbly to steer the team home in 16th position.


This was the culmination of a fabulous season and puts RGS firmly in the top 20 teams internationally. Huge thanks must go to the staff for dedicating much of their time: Mr Holt, Mr Boss and Mr Batchelder, and also the kind sponsors and supports of the team: BMW Rybrook, Mazak, Signature and Kendrick Homes.

All returned enthused and eager for the next season to start and with grand ideas of building a new car! If anyone is interested in this venture then please do contact Mr Batchelder for further information.