Shakespeare Schools Festival

“On Wednesday, we travelled to The Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove to take part in a workshop for the Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF). We went into the theatre and we saw the stage that we will be performing on for the first time on Monday 13 November.

We did a warm up with the cast of The Tempest from King’s School, Worcester and then we were walked through some tips on how to make our performance the best it could be by staff from SSF. 

After we each performed one of our scenes, we fed back to each other and then had a short break. The Tempest cast then workshopped on stage and then we had a go. We did an exploration of the final scene from our play, King Lear, playing around with different ideas. To add to that, we had to say the lines in modern-day English. It was very funny changing our lines and improvising how we would say them now as teenagers in 2017. I really enjoyed the day and I can’t wait for the performance.

Thank you to Cathy Lunn, Upper Sixth, for giving us this chance by directing us in this production. Please buy your tickets now from The Artrix Theatre.”

Lillian Heyburn, 9D