RGS Music requires no Requiem

This year’s annual Choral Concert left the audience in no doubt about the quality of the musicianship at all three of the RGS Schools. The youngest string players from RGS Springfield’s String Ensemble right through to the extremely impressive solo performances by Ellie Morgan and Jacob Dodd (Music Scholars from the Upper Sixth) provided a concert of which many seasoned professionals would be proud. Ellie and Jacob produced a stunning performance of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Flute and Violin in G Minor (RV 517).

  The performance of Bob Chilcott’s ‘Requiem’ saw all three schools join together in an impressive spectacle, which filled the Cathedral with the beautiful and distinct Chilcott melodies. This centrepiece was complemented by Wind and String ensembles performing works by Copland and Khatchaturian as well as contemporary composers. The opportunity to perform in such a stunning venue, with brilliant home grown talent, will surely stay with the large number of pupils of all ages who took part – some for the first and some for the last time.

Mr Mike Hamilton, Director of Music at RGS Worcester said: “It was a true pleasure to experience pupils of all ages performing in the stunning Cathedral environment.”