Remembering House Art

Wylde's 'gesamtkunstwerk' (total work of art) has certainly set a new benchmark for House Art incorporating and featuring contributions from the entire House.  This year’s House Art competition was themed ‘Remembering’. Each entry made a tremendous effort involving a variety of House members, and the results reflect this.
Wylde presented an installation invoking the lifetime memories of Dorothy Ellis, the wife of Wilfred Ellis, the subject of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Warhorse’. This gesamkunstwerk installation certainly showed an inventive use of resources and embraced a wide variety of media including some filmmaking. 
Ottley’s contribution was a timeline symbolising the effects of war, showing the way that one soldier travels through the horrors of war. It was a clever projection of the battlefield and subsequent manipulation of the image created of the traumatised soldier returning home. 
Whiteladies, offering on the theme of ‘Remembering’, cleverly linked 1914 to the ‘lightsout’ – that shared moment of reflection in 2014 on the centenary of the outbreak of The First World War. The guttering candle imposingly set off against the black backdrop highlighted the importance of that moment. 
Elgar’s contribution was an impressively rendered image in gouache of the Unknown Soldier that showed a sophisticated handling of the media. This work had both artistic merit and reflected some contribution by all in the House. 
Well done to all the participants involved!