Rats and Mathemagic

With examinations fast approaching, the Billingham Society has still managed to fit in two meetings this term, the first a rat dissection, and then ‘Mathemagic’ which took place on Monday.

Miss Waller watched from a distance while a group of Year Eight, Year Nine and Year Ten pupils excitedly viewed the dissection of two rats. James Reynolds in Year Ten said:

“Wednesday evening saw another Billingham Society meeting, this time all about a ‘rat dissection’. Mrs Smee began by passing around a vacuum packed rat, before revealing one she had prepared earlier. Next she showed us the rat’s digestive system; starting with the esophagus and then she delved further to find the liver and stomach before cutting away to find the pancreas, while naming all the anatomy along the way. Later we found the intestine. Mrs Smee then cut it off to reveal an intestine that was incredibly quadruple the length of the rat. It was a fantastic and educational event that the students really enjoyed, an amazing experience.”

In ‘Mathemagic’, Mr Baker showed us how to use the properties of numbers to carry out what appeared to be astounding feats of mind-reading. He also included some neat tricks such as how to square root four-digit numbers in your head. It really was magical! This sets us up nicely for our last event of the year. On Thursday 15 June, in Eld Hall, it will be the turn of the magic of the Potter universe as we enjoy the Society Tea with ‘Harry Potter and the Superb Quiz’.

Miss J Waller, Head of Enrichment