Rank Foundation Dinner

Felix Haynes, our Head Boy, was asked to speak on behalf of all the students across the UK who currently receive Rank Foundation School Leadership Awards at a special 40th Anniversary Dinner held at Inner Temple in London on Friday 23 November.

Felix attended the event along with other Leadership Award holders from RGS Worcester past and present: Alex Owen, (Lower Sixth), Tom Elgar and Tim Davis (pictured with the Headmaster). They join an illustrious group of ‘Fellows’ as part of The Rank Fellowship.

The Rank Foundation was set up by Lord Rank to encourage Leadership in young people so that they can make a difference in society. The Foundation provides means-tested Awards which includes sponsorship through Sixth Form. The Foundation aims to encourage leading pupils in independent and state schools to develop leadership skills and contribute to society. The Award holders take part in Community Action Placements (working with charities) each summer and attend a Leadership Development course.

It was a great honour for Felix to be asked to speak and he talked about what Leadership means and about his experiences. He was extremely impressive. It is wonderful to see RGS so well represented at this event and RGS pupils receiving these national Leadership Awards.


John Pitt, Headmaster