Pupils Aim High In Giraffe Workshop With Artist Petr Horacek

Artists in Years Seven and Eight have recently had a unique opportunity to work with the internationally published Worcester artist, Petr Horacek and Claire Horacek. Many individuals may have read Petr’s stories and admired his inventive illustrations, with his books now having been translated into fifteen languages. He has recently received recognition as an Honorary Fellow from the University of Worcester.

Alongside this, Petr and Claire Horacek’s daughter, Tereza, studied at RGS and is now in her second year at the Slade School of Fine Art. We were therefore delighted that Petr agreed to assist with the initial design and painting of the RGS giraffe that will be part of the ‘Worcester Stands Tall’ festival of giraffes next year, in support of St. Richard’s Hospice.
Petr gave a fascinating Assembly to the Lower School about his career as an established children’s author and followed this up with his workshops this week. The designs that the participants created will be put on display and hopefully used to form part of the design process in the coming months.

The plan is for an artist to paint the giraffe at RGS, acting as our ‘artist-in-residence’ over one week next term. The pupils can then see how their designs join together to make a whole. The workshop was both great fun and highly productive, with a lovely atmosphere brought about by the pupils who worked superbly. Petr said “In my career as an illustrator I often get inspired by children’s work, and this opportunity was inspiring to me too. I was impressed with how hard they worked and how much they achieved in such a short period of time. The pupil’s work really will, in essence, be the final outcome”.

We were very lucky to meet with Petr who worked with our pupils and our sincerest thanks go to Petr and Claire Horacek as well as Mrs. Vincent, the Art Technician, who has worked tirelessly supporting this unique event.

Unfortunately, not everyone could be squeezed in, but the participants whose names were drawn from a hat for the event in Year Seven included:

Ella Cheney

Emelia Hughes

Nathan Lad

Rachel Pipe

Jasmine Sayani

Emma Woolhouse

Oskar Matysiak

Annie Hallowell

Oscar Haynes

Catherine Broadbent

Martha Burdon

Teyah Farmer

Mischa Denney-Richards


Jasmine Day

Adam Allan

Callum Butler

Arianne Eddy

Nancy Kelsey

Charlotte Lord

James Stevens

Jacob Bunyan

Sebastian Chohan

Oscar Savory

Summer Hipkins

Sophie Rouse



Year Eight pupils included:

Noah Allaway

Ellie Allen

Bilal Ali

Phoebe Seymour-Perry

Lucy Smith

Olivia Dolling

Elloise Page

Rayyan Styles

Charlie White

Megan Nixon

Darcy Gray

Jack Pitt

Holly Hansell

Grace Read

Saffron Crump

Linus Hercules

Eleanor Fawcett

Emily Harper

Maia Jones

Ben Koutrouki

Will Selby

Ben Allen

Lily Waites

Emma Pickersgill

Kitty Smith

Shivani Thukral

Sian Gaynor-Smith

Amelie Heyburn

Alexa Pinches

Emily Walklett