National Fitness Week at RGS

Wednesday 27 September was National Fitness Day and the RGS PE department marked the event by holding a fitness competition in lesson times across the whole week.

National Fitness Day was organised by UKactive and is aimed to get people active through whatever means they can!

The PE department set up a body weight circuit in the newly refurbished Fitness Suite that would allow all pupils in all year groups to compete against each other and compare results.

Each pupil had four minutes to complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible of the following:

10 Press ups (Full press up or Knee press ups)

10 Box Jumps

10 Sit ups

10 Burpees

It was great to see all pupils giving everything in the workout, trying to better one another’s scores. As the scores started to come in it was clear that the speed required in the workout was not going to favour the big strong rugby players but more the agile athletic pupils who could shift their body weight efficiently. After two days it was Violet Ashmore from Year Seven who was leading the girls from Year Seven to Upper Sixth, and Joe Whitbread from Year Eight who lead the boys. In total 250 pupils took part in the challenge from Year Seven to Upper Sixth and after all the results were collected the top scores were as follows:

All Girls:

  1. Molly Chandler (Year Nine) with a score of 3 rounds and 12 repetitions
  2. Violet Ashmore (Year Seven) with a score of 3 rounds and 11 repetitions
  3. Safron Crump and Darcy Gray (Year Eight) with a score of 3 rounds and 10 repetitions

All Boys:

  1. Corey McNally (Year Nine) with a score of 3 rounds and 30 repetitions
  2. Joe Whitbread (Year Eight) with a score of 3 rounds and 15 repetitions
  3. Dan Newton (Year Seven) with a score of 2 rounds and 36 repetitions

It was fantastic to see the Lower School beating all the Seniors to the top spots and something for the Seniors to work on!