Martin Daubney-Tackling Modern Issues

The journalist and campaigner, Martin Daubney, visited  RGS Worcester  on Thursday 1 February.

Martin is the longest serving editor of men’s magazine, ‘Loaded’, where he won eight awards for journalistic excellence. Then came fatherhood, and a shift in his thinking. With his subsequent participation in the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Porn on the Brain’, Martin has become ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’. He is now an ardent campaigner, turning a spotlight on issues surrounding online pornography, the media’s portrayal of women and the state of masculinity today.

Martin gave two thought-provoking, informative and entertaining talks. The first in the afternoon was to the RGS Middle School and Sixth Form pupils. Here he focussed on his campaigning work around the portrayal of women in the media, highlighting issues surrounding some of the dangers associated with adolescents viewing online pornography.

In the evening, Martin also considered the state of masculinity today and presented some of his more recent research, which looked at how a generation of men are struggling to conform to perceived modern social pressures. Martin’s message was however, a positive one, stressing that young people want to achieve high values of honesty and integrity, and that job satisfaction and positive relationships are very important to them.

The presentations certainly stimulated conversation amongst pupils. Parents were keen to speak to Martin after his presentation to them, not least to thank him for encouraging an open dialogue between them and their children.

This was another very successful Pastoral Information Day at RGS Worcester and a chance to discuss very relevant issues for young people today.