Greenpower Racing Day

Starting in the morning at 5.30am, the Greenpower team left School and began the long journey, of nearly three hours, to the iconic Goodwood racetrack.

Having set up our pit area, we passed Scrutineering and were able to start the practice session. This was the first time for the new Year Seven team. The car was going superbly well until our third driver, Alex Friend, was side-swiped by another car crashing into the RGS car which forced her off the track. The next hour was spent, frantically, trying to make the car road worthy in some way. We didn’t relish the idea of having to go back to School after only 25 minutes on the track!

With lots of effort and enthusiasm from the whole team, we managed to fix the car and get to the race track with a few seconds to spare before the chequered flag. Katy Pitt began the first race with a difficult start from the back of an 84-car grid. She did impressively well to negotiate her position up to 8th place before pitting. The team had practised pitting and other driving skills in the School car park and our efforts paid off with a quick change, which saw Molly Postlethwaite take to the driving seat.
Molly quickly grew in confidence before another accident ended in a 20 minutes stoppage. This was far from ideal, being in a stationary position on the track whilst the incident was being sorted out. Despite this, Molly had maintained the position of 8th. 

The final driver in race one was Sophie Jackson who had the hard task of coaxing every last drop of energy from the batteries to finish the race. As she completed the first lap, the batteries began to fade. In the end, ‘Superformance’ finished 13th, which we were all very pleased with after such a significant accident in the practice session.

During the interval of the second race, Mr Holt, Mr Batchelder and Mr Boss worked together to fix the damage that the car had sustained. Our pit was a hive of activity. For the second race, we were in a much better position at the start. Lottie Nicholls was in the car first and started brilliantly putting us in medal contention!

As Lottie drove into the pits, Alex Friend quickly took the steering wheel again. In our haste, no one plugged her communications in and she was therefore driving without team tactics and help. Alex did superbly and, having reverted to the old method of waving and signalling, she pitted with us in 4th position. William Strirzaker deserves a special mention here. He was hoping to drive but he put the needs of the team before his own, allowing George Passalacqua to drive the final leg. George, being smaller and lighter, gave the team a better chance of putting pressure on the team in front as the batteries started to fail. These are the types of selfless acts that make Greenpower and team racing so special and rewarding.
This time, we made sure that we plugged in the communications as George flew out of the pits and navigated his way to 4th place. This was a remarkable achievement after the initial crash and damage sustained to the car. A special mention must go to other team members who worked hard on the batteries, preparing the car and contributing to the overall success. They were: Grace Williams, Sofia Stolt and Kiera Higgins.
We left Goodwood having had an amazing experience and the group had definitely worked very well to get such high positions. A huge vote of thanks must go to Mr Holt, Mr Batchelder and Mr Boss for making these races possible and well done to the team for finishing 13th and 4th against 84 other cars!