Greenpower Anglesey Race

On Monday, the Greenpower team set off on an adventure to Anglesey to compete at the incredible Racetrack Circuit, overlooking the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia mountain range and beyond. The Year Seven team had helped design and build new car components to the car and made alterations following their first race at Goodwood earlier in the season, so were hoping for good results.


Qualifying went well, setting a fast time to place on the starting grid. In the first race, our three drivers were: William (Billy) Stirzaker, Abbie Crabbe and Alex Friend. Excellent team work from the pit crew made for a slick changeover and rapid pit times. The rules of racing state that the car runs on the same batteries for the whole race. This, together with a deceptive hill on the track, left the car running low on power towards the end of the race. At one point in the race, the car had climbed to fourth position but unfortunately dropped down the table as battery power ebbed. With lessons learnt between the races, gear ratios were changed and the car was set up for an excellent second race. The drivers in the second race were: Lottie Nicholls, Katy Pitt and Grace Williams.


Billy had set the fastest lap time for RGS in the first race but then Katy improved on this, setting the joint fastest time for the whole day of all of the drivers present: very impressive indeed. The second race was incredibly wet and the drivers managed to stay (mainly) on the track, coming in fourth place overall, just missing out on a podium place and a trophy.


Aside from the racing, the team enjoyed camping overnight, working together to pitch their tents in high winds. They enjoyed a lovely evening meal in the garage, where they also played some excellent games. Here, they showcased both their flexibility and competitiveness, which was then followed by a team tactics walk around the racetrack and along the sea shore.


Here are some comments from the Greenpower team:-



‘Driving and being in control of the car’.

‘Managing to put our tent up ourselves-it didn’t go well to start with but we persevered and eventually got it up’.

‘The food!’

‘Making new friends.



‘The weather’

‘The car running out of battery’


Funniest moment:

‘When Mr Holt fell off his chair!’ 



‘It made me feel excited and part of the team’.

‘The pitstops showed how strong our teamwork was and how resilient and persistent we were, even though it was raining and we faced problems’.

‘I learnt about cars and driving and gained teamwork skills’.

‘We gained confidence’.

‘We are the RGS Greenpower team and we are amazing!!!!’


The team can look forward to an exciting season ahead.


Mr G Batchelder, Head of Design and Technology