Future Engineers Packing Heat

The RGS Engineering in Education Scheme team, comprised of Megan Wang, Tristan Robinson, Harry Nelson, Rees Bonham, and Ollie Madzarevic, have been working on the development of some new packaging for Worcester Bosch.

On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 January, the team spent two days at Worcester Bosch developing their project. They have been working alongside an engineer from the Research and Development department to create a new way of packaging the Worcester Bosch boilers for storage and transport. Key considerations have been structural stability, environmental impact, and cost. They spent their two days at the site completing feasibility studies of a variety of materials, impact testing prototypes and comparing them to expanded polystyrene that is currently used.

They are now in the process of compiling their findings into an engineering report, which will be submitted before the final assessment day in May. The pupils worked well together and used the time productively to consolidate the work that they had completed in their weekly meetings. They have enjoyed working on a project in a ‘real-world’ context, understanding the many processes involved in the development of new ideas in engineering.  However, the team may admit that another favourite part of the experience was undoubtedly the bacon sandwiches, supplied by Bosch for their daily breakfast meetings!

We would like to thank Worcester Bosch for giving our pupils this invaluable opportunity to gain ‘hands-on’ experience in an engineering workplace.