Full set of offers for RGS Medics

Once again all RGS Worcester’s aspiring medics have received offers from a range of universities to study medicine. With only 50 places available for every 1,000 applications, medicine is an extremely competitive course.

Lizzie Adcock, Bhama Santhosh, Kevin John and Will Allison have all received offers from several universities and are set to start their five year courses in September.

Not only do students have to achieve the highest academic grades, they also have to undertake work experience, perform well in an interview and pass the UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) in order to gain a place on these highly competitive courses.

In order to support her application, Lizzie Adcock not only undertook voluntary work in the UK, but also spent a week in Poland with Gap Medics helping in an ophthalmology clinic there.

Mr Pitt said, “Congratulations to all our medics on their hard work and to all the staff who have assisted them. Once again, all our students who have applied for medicine have been given offers, in what is an extremely competitive field.”

Lizzie Adcock – School of Medicine – Cardiff University

Bhama Santhosh – Hull York Medical School

Kevin John – The University of Manchester

Will Allison – Medical School, University of Bristol