Fond Farewell to Pippa Curtis

Pippa Curtis began her affiliation with RGS as far back as when she married RGS former pupil and Director of Sport Tim Curtis. Then with three children going through the AO and RGS, her affiliation turned more to association. She was a regular on the side line supporting her highly talented children in all manner of sports, ranging from Cricket and Netball to the multifit sport that was Lacrosse. Pippa then joined as coach in September 2005 and for the first few years helped out wherever an extra pair of hands was needed, in Netball, Tennis, Athletics, Rounders and even Hockey.  She then volunteered and went to Malta on a sports tour and once helped out on activities day doing a long distance walk. She even accompanied the RN Section on a trip to Portsmouth as female cover and suffered in the depth of an RN Destroyer for one night. How she coped with that and the drive back in the snow one will never know.

Gradually, Pippa became more concentrated on Netball and Athletics. In Netball, she has always been far too modest about her considerable skills and leadership. She has run a junior team in recent years and also been available to umpire and assist with the Senior Second team. Pippa has been a positive motivational factor in our Superball victories over the past two years.

As the Year Seven and Year Eight Girls’ Athletics coach, Pippa has had tremendous success, guiding the team to success in the ESAA cups, getting them through to the Regional stage frequently. Without her tactical organisation of putting girls in appropriate events, the team would never have been as successful.

In all, Pippa has been a great asset to the School and will be sorely missed and difficult to replace, not only as a coach but also as a friend. She adores the pupils and they too adore her back and the smile on their faces when they know Mrs Curtis is taking the session was always a delight to behold. So long Pips – now we are down to one… “The good, the bad and the ugly.”

Mr Jonathan Shorrocks, Mathematics