Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Peak District

The Silver DofE team was away this week from Monday to Thursday for their Assessment expedition in the Peak District at White Peaks, near Bakewell). All four groups (five to six students in each) camped for three nights, walked about 45km and were self-sufficient during the expedition.

Each group was required to choose an aim for this expedition and I was impressed by the creativity and resourcefulness dedicated to completing this. I enjoyed watching the presentation this morning and would like to share a poem created by one of the groups below.

Whilst Tuesday was a very wet and grey day, the weather generally improved over the week, allowing all teams to finish their expedition in the sunshine on Thursday. Assessors were impressed with the resilience, positive and respectful attitude that students displayed during the trip and I would like to congratulate all the groups for passing their Silver Award Expedition.

Miss Julie Gidon – DofE Silver Manager.

“We’re walking along we’re singing a song,
Little do we know, this route’s taking so long.
We look to our left, we look to our right, 
In the hope of a person, no one in sight.
Down in the valley,



We’re walking down the heritage way,
This path’s so long it could take all day,
We come across a train on sheep,
By the end of the trail, we’re almost asleep
Tomorrow better be snappy.

We woke up the next day at the crack of dawn,
We stretch out our legs and let out a big yawn,
But before we leave we take down the wet tent, 
And then begin the continuous ascent,
Rain’s gone we’re happy.

With lefts looking like rights and rights looking like lefts,
We’ve lost all our bearings, surrounded by pests,
Some hills large and some hills small,
Regardless of size, we’ll conquer them all.

Before us stands an ocean of mud,
One wrong step could cause an emotional flood,
After crossing the style with elegance and grace,
One of our sorry soldiers fell flat on his face,
His team laughed with joy, whilst he’s down on his front,
He tried getting up, and let out a loud grunt.

We’re walking along, we’re singing a song
Fortunately for us, the routes no longer that long, 
We look to our left, we look to our right,
Finally, the finish lines in sight.

By Cameron Taylor, Ben Wastie, Dafydd MacDonald, Evie Holt, Rhiannon Davies.