Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

On Saturday 8 June, 47 of our pupils accompanied by staff set out in the undulating countryside between Abberley, Cleobury and Bewdley for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Assessed expedition. Despite the wet weather, the students’ spirits were remarkably high as they commenced their journeys along their chosen routes.

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award generally comprises six hours of outdoor activity, including walking and breaks. Half of the students began their adventure in Abberley and the other half from the small village of Mamble. Navigating away from Abberley proved a particularly challenging experience for the students who encountered many overgrown fields and some non-existent paths!

Eventually the rain came to a halt and tents were pitched, meals were cooked and everyone enjoyed some well-earned down time on a lovely evening. On Sunday all of the groups applied themselves with great focus and determination amongst some very punchy rain showers, completing their day late in the afternoon and returning home tired but very pleased to have completed their expedition.