Creative Arts Evening

Despite the humidity and grey skies, the RGS Worcester Creative Arts Festival on Wednesday 26 June was a delightfully relaxed occasion. There was no formal structure as such to the evening, it was more a case of dipping into events, taking in the displays and concluding with ‘Jazz on the Lawn’. This event was even more special with the Performing Art Centre as the hub of the event, with a rolling programme of drama, dance and film.

This year was Drama’s first involvement in Creative Arts Evening and the PAC hosted the Lower Sixth Devised Component Two performance exam based in Cornwall and telling the tale of ‘The Mermaid of Padstow’. The seats were full and the students took the audience on a journey through the myth using music, dance, puppetry and lots of multi-rolling – true Kneehigh style and very enjoyable. Following this, the young actors from our Year Seven Drama Club amused all watching with their different short performances ranging from The Spice Girls to Cinderella all devised by themselves with a little help from some of our Drama scholars. The Drama Department contribution to the evening culminated with the Film festival which exhibited a variety of differently styled films created by Year Seven through to ‘Who am I?’ and the Ford Focus Enrichment adverts created by the Sixth Form.

The Dance presentation began with an expressive group performance from Year Nine girls. This was followed by a variety of solo and group dances Year Seven and Eight girls who are all members of Junior Dance club. The Dance displays demonstrated an array of different styles which have been put together over the course of the year through their weekly dance club activity.

Headmaster’s Walk and our beautiful garden provided the perfect backdrop for the Fashion Show. With students from Year Nine to the Upper Sixth exhibiting a wide range of exciting pieces that have been produced in the Textiles department this year and models from Year Seven to Year Thirteen showcasing each piece in a professional manner; we are very proud of them all. The final walk past of all years was very impressive and underlined why the Textile Department have successfully maintained such a national reputation for excellence.

For the Design Department, the evening was a lovely informal time in which many students, family and friends were able to come and admire the examination work produced over the year. As ever, there was a very eclectic variety of projects on display from litter pickers to mountain bike camping trailers. The variety and quality is testament to the efforts of the students and staff and never ceases to amaze

Despite the humidity, the evening saw the PE Department display a fine range of gymnastics programmes that pupils had created throughout the year.Following the individual dances in the newly opened Performing Arts Centre the Key Stage 3 boys and girls took to the floor in Cobham Hall to display a variety of movements learnt in their Physical Education curriculum lessons. This included a floor routine by Ella Cheney, Teyah Farmer, Arianne Eddy, Evie Leeds, Katy Pitt and Bella Gray. Vaulting was performed by Joe Whitebread, Alex Houchin, Jasper Tan, Adam Allan, Will Oates, Elliot Fears, Joe Callow, James Ralph and Dom Hill. To conclude the evening for Physical Education the audience was invited to ‘have a go’ at trampolining. Boys and girls from RGS and external schools were keen to participate and enjoyed performing movements on the trampolines.

There was an impressive exhibition of GCSE and A Level Art in the Art Department. The work certainly looks more exciting year-upon-yearand both GCSE and A Level cohorts were characterised by some very individual pieces across a range of media. Bevere Art Awards, independent of the RGS academic awards presented in September, were presented by Kim Taylor. This year, Kim judged the artwork alongside the Bevere Gallery Paintings Curator. Kim reports: “Our three contenders for the GSCE award were Josie Taylor for her bold and confident style and her use of textures and colour, Ella Waites for an astounding large timed piece of reflections on water which showed an understanding of light and abstraction, and Issy Dipple for her double self-portrait which cleverly showed an ability to create light and emotion. The Bevere Gallery Art Award for GCSE was awarded to Josie Taylor.

Our contenders for the A Level award were Eleanor Allsopp for her photorealistic portraits which were arresting and well observed, Issy Eberlin for her human studies which exuded attitude, confidence and created in a very painterly style and Ella Nash for her journey depicting arches and the creation of her very large Pollock-esque final piece painted to music. The Bevere Gallery Art Award for A Level was awarded to Issy Eberlin.

It is a privilege to be able to recognise these young artists and to champion, in our independent assessment, new talent in the art world, we hope they all continue with their art and enjoy the successes that come their way”.

The Music Department’s ‘Jazz on The Lawn’ featured the RGS Worcester Big Band with guest singers. The Big Band performed Kool & The Gang’s ‘Jungle Boogie’, and accompanied Grace Moseley for her rendition of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’ and a ska version of ‘I’m In the Mood for Love’. Isabella Hulbert stepped in at the last minute, and did an amazing job singing ‘Big Spender’ and Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ with the band. The Senior Jazz Ensemble accompanied Bertie Pryke singing the jazz standard ‘All of Me’ and Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love Is A Losing Game’, and Ella Cleary performed ‘Turning Tables’ by Adele with accompaniment from Mr Hamilton. The Big Band finished the set with ‘Play That Funky Music’.

The musicians were:

Saxophones – Beatrice Price, Helena Morgan, Sam Ford, George Oates

Trumpets – Archie Kimberley, George Lloyd Jones, Alex Owen, Mr Hamilton

French Horn – Will Hulbert, Trombone – Daniel Sutton

Piano – Megan Wang

Keyboard – Miss Spencer

Drums Matthew Messon

Vocalists – Ella Cleary, Grace Moseley, Isabella Hulbert, Bertie Pryke

Many thanks to all the participating pupils: actors, musicians, artists, designers, gymnasts, dancers, fashion models and film-makers whose creative talent provided such an enriching and diverse evening. Many thanks also to the academic staff, marketing department, Sixth Form prefects and support staff who worked so hard on this event at the end of a busy term. It certainly shows that there is no shortage of creativity across the range of the arts at RGS.