Army CCF Camp

The main event of the year for the CCF Army Contingent was Summer Camp. The Section travelled to Penally in Pembrokeshire in the final week of the Trinity term.  There were many cadet training opportunities, team building exercises and leadership tasks, including everything from watersports, raft building, rock climbing and abseiling to archery, clay pigeon shooting, 24 hour exercises and finally a Range Day, where the cadets excelled themselves and many achieved awards for their efforts. Below is an excerpt by Sergeants Ralph, Harris and Nelson about the exercise.

“On arrival at the deployment zone, the Section was split into two so that the Year Nine (Basic) cadets could be trained in Camp-craft and Patrolling, whilst the Senior (Advanced) Cadets prepared for a nighttime ambush. Each group patrolled to their harbour area, set up their shelters, squared away kit and had a much-needed lunch before further operations commenced for the Seniors and training commenced for the Basics.

The Advanced Cadets left to survey and report on enemy movements for the remainder of the afternoon whilst the Basic Cadets received training necessary on how to perform reconnaissance on enemy patrols. Once all sections had reported back, it was time for dinner and to prepare for the night ambush. After preparation had concluded (recce, briefing and rehearsals), the Advanced Cadets left to take up their positions. Late into the night, the ambush was sprung with a constant volley of blank rifle fire as the enemy, the unsuspecting Year Nine cadets, passed into the ambush site. The ambush was a huge success and all cadets had an exhilarating experience. Once back at camp safe and secure, all cadets experienced a well-earned rest, despite several snoring cadets, before the following day’s exercises and challenges.

After an early rise, training was over for both groups: it was time for a Platoon Attack for the Advanced and Section Attacks for the Basics. After a morning of firing blanks and successfully assaulting enemy positions, all cadets were exhausted and thankful when they reached the coach that took them back to camp for some well-earned rest and recuperation.”