Academic PE Pupils Inspired By Top University for Sport

All RGS Worcester academic PE Sixth Form classes, including our newly introduced BTEC, visited the University of Bath on Tuesday 28 November to see the outstanding opportunities and facilities they offer.

The pupils arrived and went straight to the Sports Science Centre, where they were able to experience thefacilities first-hand. Abby Marsh volunteered to be the subject of the treadmill and breathing apparatus and Tom Mathews volunteered to have a go on the bike; here the class got to see the pattern of power made through a short period of him sprinting. Everyone was amazed to learn and understand how this equipment can be used to improve and test athletes.

For the second part of the tour we visited the indoor sprint track, where the class was lucky enough to see Theo Campbell (400m sprinter for Great Britain). Here the class took part in a physical testing session. This consisted of grip strength tests, flexibility sit and reach tests and static jump tests; the class showed a very versatile range from 3cm-35cm on the static jump test. This was then followed by sprint tests, which everyone did well in.

The pupils were then able to visit the recently refurbished gym and a swimming pool with underwater cameras, which are there to aid the analysis of the swimmers’ strokes. The framework of the pool was used as the practice pool in the 2012 London Olympics. The pupils were amazed at the University’s other facilities, including a skeleton starting track, rugby pitch, astro turf, shooting range and beach volley ball court.

The pupils left the University very impressed by the facilities and activities they had taken part in to support their A Level and BTEC courses.

Written by Emma Brinkley, Lower Sixth