A Fraction Female

This week Oxford University hosted a ‘Women in Maths’ Conference celebrating 150 years of female Mathematicians.  Twelve girls from Year Nine and Ten headed down to Oxford on the train, and were delighted that the first task of the day was to eat doughnuts.  The first lecture of the day was given by Vicky Neale informing the girls of her seven interesting facts on Prime Numbers. 
An interactive lecture followed given by Miranda Mowbray on Statistics and Probability, which involved taking part in statistical surveys. Next came a Treasure Hunt exploring the history of Oxford University. Then it was time for some ‘Hands-on Maths’, which allowed the girls to have a go at some challenging questions, one of their favourite parts of the day. To conclude what had been a wonderful experience was a lecture by Hannah Fry from University College London who was talking about the ‘Hidden Connections’ between people. Like the Statistics Lecture this also involved lots of audience participation ensuring the girls remained engaged throughout, making for a highly enjoyable end to the conference. 
Everyone involved would like to thank Mr Gibson and Tim Davis for taking them on the trip and contributing to such a truly inspirational and enjoyable day for all. 
Ellie Carey and Holly Chance – Year Ten