Under 12s Win Worcester District Netball Tournament

Year Seven pupil, Annie Hallowell recounts the events of the Under 12 Worcester District Netball Tournament which took place Thursday 1 February:

“Our Under 12A team Netball squad made up of Annie Hallowell, Teyah Farmer, Sam Ralph, Izzy Thompson, Jess Ashby, Darcy Nock, Arianne Eddy, Emma Mckay, Sophie Rouse, Rachel Pipe and Caitlin Lane headed out onto the netball courts for the Worcester District Netball tournament. Eight teams entered, which meant seven matches in total against Blessed Edwards High School, Bishop Perowne High School, Westacre Middle School, Nunnery Wood High School, Christopher Whitehead High School, Tudor Grange Academy and King’s School Worcester. 

We managed to win our first match against Blessed Edwards 13-1, which was an excellent start. We went on to win our second game against Bishop Perowne, 12-1. We then played Westacre, where our defence prevented them from scoring any goals with the final score of 15-0! 

We then played King’s School. Both RGS  and King’s had won all three matches so we knew we had to play our absolute best. Luckily, we had won the toss meaning we had first centre. Straight away we scored a goal, and then with an excellent interception from the defence, the ball got brought back down to our attacking end where we scored again. With us being 3-0 up at one point, King’s started to come back.  Unfortunately, they scored three times in a row so at half time we were drawing 3-3. With a very quick team talk we were back on court within a minute and it got quite exciting! From then on, the score went 4-3 to King’s, 5-3 to King’s, 5-4 to King’s, 5-5, 6-5 to RGS but then they managed another goal so the final score was 6-6. Both teams played really well.

Next up was Nunnery Wood. Once again, we won 12-1, with a strong defence and attack we continued to win against Christopher Whitehead 14-0 and Tudor Grange 12-3. 

When it came to the results, RGS and King’s had won all matches apart from the match against each other so both teams were on 33 points each so it came down to goal average. One team had a goal average of 7 and one had a goal average of 5.5. You can imagine the excitement when RGS was called out in 1st place with the goal average of 7! 

We had won the Worcester District Netball tournament! Our team played so well all afternoon with our defence only letting in 12 goals and our attack scoring 83 goals so all together, we definitely deserved to win.”