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Unifrog is a fantastic online tool that connects RGS Worcester Independent Sixth Form students to the best University courses for them both home and abroad, as well as live Apprenticeship vacancies across the UK.

It enables students to compare courses and vacancies using different factors such as distance from home, qualifications required, social life and potential salary.

The complete progression platform

“Before we got Unifrog most students just used the UCAS website for searches, which they found pretty confusing. The UCAS search tool brings up all the courses at a particular university, rather than all the courses that might be of interest to students across different universities.”

Unifrog’s search tool is far more user friendly than anything we have used before – one of the smart aspects of it is the way that it categorises each course as aspirational, solid or safe for any given student.

It even suggests other options, to encourage students to consider alternatives that might suit them even better, or be easier to achieve. For example, if they type in that they want to do Economics, Unifrog comes up with lots of different courses that they could also consider – ‘Economics with French’ or ‘Social and Political Sciences’. It really opens their eyes to the options that are out there.

While providing this variety, Unifrog also helps students to keep focused on their goals. The filters, such as ‘courses with study abroad’ for example, are really helpful, as they allow students to narrow down what they want out of a university so they make an informed final choice.

“I think Unifrog has made our students more ambitious. It helps them to see the vast array of courses that are out there, and helps them to push themselves harder, as they aim for their more aspirational choices.” Sarah Cooper, Assistant Head of Sixth Form


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