Before making your final choice of subjects, you might like to consider the following:

• Reflect on the information and advice given by Careers staff and through the presentations at Parents’ Evenings

• Read the subject specific course descriptions

• Choose a sensible combination of subjects. It may help to consider the following points:

Which combination is most likely to produce the best results?

Consider transferable skills and supporting subjects

Which combination of subjects is likely to be favoured by Universities?

• Consider which subjects are required by Universities for courses you are likely to select, and which are preferred. Which subjects will help your preferred course at University, even if they are not necessary for entrance on to that course.

Choosing a Subject

The most important reasons to choose a subject are that you enjoy it and find the subject interesting. It is certainly the case that for some degree and career choices particular A Levels are required for entry, but it is best to put your interests first and let them guide your choices for later study or career. It is also sensible to choose courses that you are good at and some of our A Level subjects do require a GCSE Grade 7 for you to study them. Enjoyment and interest are key to help maintain your motivation during your studies.