Global Bridge – creating an online CV

The School places tremendous importance in helping students to prepare for whatever future path they wish to pursue after RGS and as they become alumni. RGS is working with a company called Globalbridge to provide access to an online database facility where pupils in the Sixth Form can create an interactive and visual digital CV of their achievements, co-curricular interests, examination results to date, predicted grades and career interests. The UCAS application process has recently evolved to enable URL links, which will allow students to share their page with Universities. A number of major companies, such as KPMG, have also signed up to the channel with a view to identifying prospective employees. Crucially, unlike Linkedin or Facebook, it will remain a secure closed environment that is not searchable to unregistered third parties. Information can only be posted to an individual’s account by the account holder. Under the guidance of the Sixth Form Team, students can build a portfolio of their academic work and co-curricular achievements that Universities will be able to access and evaluate. Video clips, sound recordings (music, languages, spoken word), Art portfolios, debating, drama and sporting footage, newspaper clippings, etc, can all be included.

Upon leaving RGS each student will retain their Globalbridge account. This can form the bedrock of a CV for potential employers.